The CRAFT & FOLK ART MUSEUM is the only museum in Los Angeles exclusively dedicated to exploring the leading edge of contemporary craft, art, and design. As a museum, it presents exhibitions that change the way people think, showing living artists who take traditional techniques in surprising directions. As an activated space of diverse artists and makers, it offers a robust roster of programs to empower the public to make something unique and join the creative community. CAFAM is a place to see art and make art—all under one roof.

CRAFT AFFAIR GALA is our annual fundraiser that celebrates the museum’s history and recognizes influential leaders in our community. Our goal is to raise funds to partially support ongoing exhibitions and education programs at the CRAFT & FOLK ART MUSEUM.

Tim Mullin

Nancy Adams
Jane Chang
Joseph Robillard
Natasha Sedaghat

Nancy Adams
Emily Ain
Jill Bauman
Lorraine Bonanni
Jane Chang
Joseph Coriaty
Richard Erickson
Robby Gordon
Hal Hamersmith
Michael D. Johnson
Fred Kuperberg
Wally Marks, III
Jordana Martin
George Minardos
Tim Mullin
Janice Pober
Joseph Robillard
Stan Savage
Natasha Sedaghat
Glen Titan
Peter Wendel

Suzanne Isken